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1. Climate Change Awareness and Sustainability

We raise awareness on climate change through formal workshops and various community events, providing opportunities for local people to take climate action.
We work mainly with ethnic minorities – men, women and young people – living in the Knightswood, Yoker, Whiteinch, Scotsoun, Drumchapel and Blairdardie areas of Northwest Glasgow, but all of our CCASP activities are open to anyone interested in taking part, every Fridays 12 pm – 2 pm.

The aim of our project is to reduce carbon emissions through the following community activities:

Energy: we reduce household energy consumption by providing home energy advice and visits; climate change awareness workshops; and energy efficiency advice.

Climate Literacy: we improve the climate literacy of young people from African and BME communities and bring the community together. Through tackling issues of fuel poverty, we create awareness, helping service users to learn new skills, encouraging them and providing volunteering opportunities to BAME participants.

Waste: we reduce waste production and material consumption by providing secondhand clothes and textile repair workshops. We provide weekly sewing classes focused on recycling and upcycling to encourage the reuse of textile items and extend the life of everyday items through swap shops, repair and maintenance.

3. Drop In
We provide free one to one advice and support and also providing referrals.
5. Violence Against Women
ANYiSO among other issues such as FGM, forced marriages, human trafficking, and violence against women, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; empowerment of women; campaigns to end violence against women and achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development.
7. Health and Wellbeing and Lunch club

ANYiSO promote healthy eating, sports, exercises, personal and food hygiene through workshops, trainings and seminar for all groups. We also empower African and Ethnic minorities to lead practical and sustainable food related activities that improves their health and well-being and support them to build stronger and more cohesive communities. We provide free community food, our lunch club is open every Wednesdays 12-2 pm and everyone is welcomed.

9. Cultural Diversity and Community Integration
ANYiSO also promotes community cohesion and cultural diversity by organising events to build more successful integrated communities.

Our ESOL class is a place where non-native English speakers comes to learn the language skills and build confidence to live fulfill their true potentials. We provide accessible and relevant ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) learning opportunities for adults, supporting integration, employability and personal development. We support ESOL practitioners and learners to have their views heard and welcome all non-native English speakers, including asylum seekers, economic migrants and members of settled communities. Our ESOL classes are open every Thursdays 11 am – 12.30 pm.

13. Book Bug

Sharing stories, songs and rhymes with babies and young children has many benefits including supporting children’s language, learning and social skills. It’s fun, free and simple, and the benefits will last their lifetime.

Bookbug programme encourages mums, dads and carers to sing and share stories with their children from birth. Children love these interactive sessions and it provides an opportunity for parents bond with their child by giving them one to one quality time! It’s also a great way to meet other parents and carers, swap ideas and support each other along the way. Also, because children respond to song, story and rhyme in a very special way and Bookbug sessions celebrate this. These sessions help improve speech, language and brain development, as well as social and emotional skills. But that’s not all, they are also great fun! Our book bug is open every Fridays 11 – 11.45 am.

2. Food parcels and Covid 19 humanitarian aid

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of good food is wasted by the UK food industry every year. At the same time, millions of people are struggling to afford to eat. Our work addresses these two issues by redistributing food surplus, which would otherwise go to waste, to the people who need it most. ANYiSO is making a huge contribution to the resources of the thousands of people we supply who recieve free food parcels from us on weekly basis. Our free food parcels is open every Tuesdays 12-2 pm. During this pandemic period, we have been delivering local foods and toiletries to families in Glasgow.

4. Youth Empowerment

Young people and children that are at risk of isolation and that have faced challenges will become successful learners. In addition, children and young adults will gain hands on experience, skills and empowerment through workshops, seminars and trainings which helps them to live better lives that will be transferred into the communities with a positive impact. This helps them build their confidence and maintain better relationships with their families and communities. This youth empowerment programmes helps to discover talents, learn new skills which will keep them busy away from crimes, drugs and related issues and active in the community; They will be equipped with knowledge of race equality issues that affect them and their communities. They will be able to use these skills to influence policy development in Scotland in a constructive and effective way. Children and young people will benefit and have better physical, mental and emotional health. Our free music classes is open every Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm and  free dance classes  every Thursdays 4 pm – 6 pm.

6. Workshops, Training, Conferences & Seminars
ANYiSO provide confidence building and skill development trainings, workshops and seminars to enable them to become financially independent.
8. Research Projects
ANYiSO carry out researches and make use of the findings to address problems that affects Africans and ethnic minorities by working with government, mainstream agencies, organisations, and policy makers to enhance the understanding of African and ethnic minority women, children and youths, addressing the barriers that prevents them from accessing services and participating in the society to promote equality and diversity
10. IT and Free Computer access

We provide free weekly IT and computer training. Our free weekly computer access is open to everyone in the community and our staff are alway ready to assist our service users. Our free computer access is open every Thursdays 1 pm – 3 pm.

12. Trips & Outings

Outings and day trips enhance the psychological and physical well-being of women and young people. It provide continuity with the past, creates an avenue for learning and offer the opportunity to connect with the people and places of the surrounding area – all undoubtedly crucial to leading a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle.

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