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Violence against ethnic minority women continues to be unreported since women are finding it difficult to speak up due to shame, fear of honour based violence, discrimination and being isolated from their communities. Issues such as, domestic abuse, FGM, forced marriages, inequality in girl child education and gender inequality unfortunately are still ongoing in Scotland and around the world. 

The need to provide much needed support for African and ethnic minority women and migrant communities in Scotland became more evident as a result of poor access to support and services due to language barriers and cultural differences.  

In 2014, driven by inspiration and personal experiences, Shulamite Ezechi founded ANYISO, to create a platform where ethnic minority women and young people could be reached and to provide them with the support needed for them to be empowered.  Shulamite Ezechi initially started the organisation as a voluntary organisation in 2014 and in 2016 it became a registered charity.

Ever since ANYiSO was established, it has grown from strength to strength. ANYiSO initailly started from Shulamite Ezechi’s house in Lincoln Avenue flats, to using the Knightswood community center, to our first office in Kirkton Avenue and when the premises became very small for our service users, we were offered a much bigger premises which is now our head office at 11 Keal Place, Glasgow. 

The impact ANYiSO has made within our community cannot be over emphasized. We creates a much friendly atmosphere were people come to access support, make new friends and be integrated within the community. We operate Mondays to Fridays with various activities for both women and young people. We partner with national and international organisations to empower ethnic minorities and enable them fulfill  their true potentials. 

Through our various support services and partners, we provide skill development training’s, workshops, seminars and connect our service users with our various networks. ANYiSO will continue to provide Africans and ethnic minorities with the support and services they need in order to empower them, promote equality, community integration and cohesion to enable them live a more resourceful and independent life.

We are proud to be one of the highly recognized charities that work with Africans and ethnic minorities in Scotland. 

Our success has been recognized in a number of press and media articles both nationally and internationally, and the organisation has received a variety of awards and nominations. 

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