Our promise is to empower Africans and ethnic minorities to achieve their full potential

Our goal is to end violence against African and ethnic minority women, enabling them to live better and safer lives free from discrimination and abuse

Our core values are respect, equality, integrity, recognition and confidentiality

We promote cultural diversity and community integration

Our aim

ANYiSO inspires and empowers African, ethnic minority women, children and young people to fulfil their true potential; improve their health and well-being; and connect to networks for support and advocacy. It helps them to participate fully in society without fear of discrimination, inequality or gender violence by providing skills, knowledge and resources to create a sustainable change for each woman, her family and community.


About Us


ANYiSO is established to ensure that African and ethnic minority women, their children, and young people from all backgrounds are given the support and services needed to enable them to live better and safer lives free from domestic abuse, sexual abuse, rape, forced marriages, FGM and discrimination. We ensure that these women, children and young people are confident to raise issues that affect them and empower them through skill development workshops, training, and counseling, and connect them to network partners and help them access support and services to enable them to live a safer and meaningful life. In addition, we encourage them and boost their confidence through social and cultural integration.

Our Projects

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are an essential part of ANYiSO and make a huge contribution to the work we do, our success and the impact we make in the local community. Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering with us!

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